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Roy, Mayo Rae Rolph, 1919-2005

  • Person
  • 1919-2005

Mayo Rae Rolph Roy (1919-2005) was born in Portland, Oregon. She began playing table tennis in tournaments in 1933 while still in high school.

Bracy, Tim

  • Person
  • 1944-2014

Timothy Ford Bracy (1944-2014) was born in Portland, Oregon. He was a lieutenant in the Portland Police Department from 1967 to 1977 and joined Portland General Electric in 1978, starting as a security supervisor and becoming Manager of Health and Safety Services in 1981.

Mazzuca, Louise C.

  • Person
  • 1936-2018

Louise Mazzuca (1936-2018) was born in 1939 in Chicago. She was raised in the Catholic faith by an aunt in the Pacific northwest. She played softball throughout her childhood, and later professionally and nationally. She attended California State University at Fullerton and graduated from Portland State University.

Clarke, Virginia S., 1921-

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  • 1921-

Virginia Clarke (1921- ) was born at Fort Omaha Nebraska just after WWI. She joined the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps during WWII. Later, she ran a public library in San Jose, California.

Hinds, Ann E.

  • Person

E. Ann Hinds, a Portland resident since the early 1980s, was a visual artist by trade and a volunteer within many LGBT-related organizations.

DeMaster, Jean

  • Person

Jean DeMaster is a lesbian who has lived in Portland since the 1970s. In her working life, DeMaster has played siginificant roles in non-profit organizations dedicated to early childhood education, homeless families, and low income housing. In her family life, DeMaster and her partner are the parents of two children.

Womack, Nora Baseel

  • Person
  • 1905-

Nora Womack, nee Baseel (1905-?) was born in Portland, Oregon. She grew up in Saint Helens and moved to Portland in 1933 where she worked for the telephone company.

Failing, James F. (James Frederick), 1842-1920

  • Person
  • 1842-1920

James Frederick Failing (1842-1920) was a prominent Portland businessman, civic leader, and member of the early Failing family. After arriving in Portland from New York in 1853, James participated in the wholesale hardware business of J. Failing and Co. with his father, Josiah, and his brother Henry. He would later go on to become the director or Portland's First National Bank, and serve as a trustee for numerous local organizations. His children also became notable Portland figures through business and philanthropy.

Robertson family

  • Family

The Robertson family arrived in the Portland area in 1856, when Thomas Robertson (1817-1900) and his wife, Mary Freeland (Corbett)Robertson moved from New York to the area. Joining Mary Freeland's brother Henry Winslow Corbett, Thomas Robertson formed Robertson Heavy Hardware. The Robertson family remained influential in the Portland area through multiple generations, forming business partnerships with the Corbett and Failing families.

Kielblock, Don F., 1941-

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  • 1941-

Don F. Kielblock (1941- ) was born in Corvallis, Oregon. He joined Portland General Electric in 1968 as a meter reader, ultimately rising to vice president of the company.

Marmaduke, Don H., 1926-

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  • 1926-

Don H. Marmaduke (1926- ) was born in Portland, Oregon. He attended Yale University and Harvard Law School, graduating with a law degree in 1951. He was a partner with Marmaduke, Aschenbrenner, Merten & Saltveit in Portland, Oregon 1971-1974, later joining Tonkon Torp LLP.

Sullivan, Donal D. (Donal Dennis), 1931-2009

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  • 1931-2009

Donal Dennis Sullivan (1931-2009) was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He attended Loyola University, Illinois Institute of Technology and DePaul University Law School. He clerked for Judge Hall Lusk in 1959. He became a Deputy District Attorney of Multnomah County in 1960, an Assistant Attorney General in 1960-62, an Assistant U.S. Attorney to Sid Lezak in 1962-65, a Clerk of U.S. District Court of Oregon from 1965-69, and an Appointed Referee in Bankruptcy in October 1, 1969. He became Judge in 1979 and was appointed to his first 14-year term in September 22, 1986. He was recalled in January 1, 1998 and in January 1, 1999.

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